About us

“I told you so!”

Our founder Mihkel Valdek’s favourite phrase, which is often heard around in the company. While it is said as a playful joke, we believe the statement to be true. His motivation, knowledge and intuition is the success to the growing company.
AS VALDEK was founded by Mihkel Valdek in the early years of Estonia’s regained independence. As many companies back then, we also started in a garage. However, AS VALDEK has preserved the status as a family business even after becoming a larger company.

In 2023 we have 70 employees, 8 of whom are family members. We believe that our people are the biggest asset in our company. Their know-how has an important role in achieving the company vision. We thrive to provide our customers satisfaction using innovative technologies, while maintaining the family and work friendly business environment we are proud of as a company.

Mihkel Valdek
Old Valdek AS production house
Valdek AS production house

Facilities are located conveniently between Tallinn and Paldiski, Estonia.

70 Employees

7 Manual Bending Machines

4 Robotic Bending Machines

Punching / Laser Capacity
500 T/Month

Average 7-12 Years Employee Experience at AS VALDEK

Approx. 13 Million € 2023 Turnover


Stage 1
Starting Up

The company started as a one man show by Mihkel Valdek in his own garage.

In 1995 he purchased the production building at Piiri 12A, Kelia to expand the production area from 188 m² to 300 m².
Stage 2
Catching Up

Purchased CNC controlled punching and bending machines.

Caught up to base technology standards for current sheet metal production companies.
Stage 3
Changing Up

All 3 sons of Mihkel Valdek joined the company with strong ambitions to grow and lead success for the company.

Began new changes such as expanding the production building and integrations of own developed software to main ERP.
Stage 4
Looking Up

With the expansion of the building complete, it was time to start on longer goals for the future. The future main production facility at Väljaotsa, Keila is currently in development.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to think of new ideas and setting new standards to make our company at the front line in the sheet metal production industry.


Our company complies with the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2015.

AS Valdek follows these management principles: 

  • reliability; professionalism;
  • high quality of products; implementation of new technologies;
  • high motivation of employees;
  • clear and easy-to-understand rules;
  • safe and healthy working environment;
  • continuing development and learning by employees;
  • environment-friendly production; compliance with legislation (standards and legislative acts);
  • customer requirements.

In environmental management we take into account:

  • sustainable use of raw materials and recycling;
  • technical condition of appliances;
  • waste management;
  • controlled use of chemicals;
  • energy use;
  • noise pollution;
  • sustainable use of natural resources.

Participation in creating family and work-friendly work environment and organizational culture

In a silver-level organisation the management knows how to make the organisation’s culture more family-friendly.

This is done by giving the employees more autonomy and by replacing job descriptions with role descriptions.

Such a company is also characterised by inclusive management, reduced bureaucracy, lack of micro-management, etc.

TOP 2021​

Estonian business newspaper ranked AS Valdek as one of the top ranked companies of 2021

Gasell 2014/2017​

50%profit increase over three years

New production
Väljaotsa, Keila

Innovate tomorrow’s productions,
solving tomorrow’s needs.

New Valdek AS office and production Väljaotsa, Keila
New Valdek AS office 3d illustration Väljaotsa, Keila
Stage one of 6400 m2 production hall is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Building Area: 7500 m2
Production Area: 6400 m2

Production Area:
- Bending - Punching - Assembly - Sub-Operations - Laser Cutting - Powder Painting - Coil-Cutting - Automated Store System etc.