Family business
specialised in
sheet metal works​

Focus is in flexibility,

which is the key word in tomorrow’s production.

Employee Management

Less hierarchy, flexible work hours, and expandable work assignments.


Matching the target price with new ideas and different methods of process.


Being creative in the process, resulting multiple outcomes in production.

Lead Time

Lead time 1 day to…

Reaction Time

Respond to customer needs from 1 minute to…


Open to variable order quantities; big, small, project base, one time…

Project Management

Wide knowledge in components/accessories supply management, such as wood, plastic, electronic, IT, etc.

Production Areas​


Modules shelves systems, drawer, tables, warehouse equipment, special warehouse solutions, accessories.


Shelves systems display pop up, plastic accessories, inventory for retail business, holder terminals.

Furniture parts

Chairs tables, cabinets, special profiles.


Cabinets/racks LT1 and LT6, box fibre optic, inventories accessories, fibre optic panels, holders and rack (wall mountings).


Automatic shelf systems, automated door systems, automated transporters.


Key cabinets, lock box, medical cabinets, money cabinets.


Low voltage (copper bars) switch cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, outdoor/indoor cabinets, metal parts for electrical substations, cooper/aluminium.


Mail boxes, holders, special solutions, waste bins, metal fences and gates.


Special panels/wall mount, metal clamps/profiles for constructions, special design solutions.



Sales, purchasing, project manager, developing new product, product design, special machinery/equipment design.

Punching / Laser

TruLaser 3030 fiber, Prima Power PG1530+LSD, Boschert Cu-Profi, Tru- Punch 3000 S11, Finnpower X5, Euromac XZ, Euromac.


TRUMPF TruBend Cell 7000, 3 x TruBend Cell 5000, 2 x TruBend 3100,
2 x Cone 900, Baykal Press Brake.

Sub Operations

Copper and Aluminium profiles, Welding, Spot-welding, Powder painting, Sanding, Drilling, Tapping, PEM-fastening, Roll-forming, Tox-Joint, special operations.


Full assembly, including subcomponents: plastic, metal, wood, paint, electronics, special accessories, wiring, packing.
Using different joints: Rivet, rivet-nuts, gluing, bolt and screw fastening.


Store produced parts for customers and pre-ordered accessories for future customer orders.


Insures fast and safe delivery using the We-Delivery App, which sends digitalised delivery papers, including high-quality photos, signatures, and automatic notifications via email.